(Dan Dalton - Drums / Zack Goebbel - Guitar & Voice / Richard Wilson - Bass & Voice)
Progressive Hard Rock trio The Madeleine Haze began as an acoustic solo project for vocalist/guitarist Zack Goebbel. Inspired by French novelist Marcel Proust’s “episode of the madeleine” and the connection between music and involuntary memory, he released “In Search of Lost Time,” an intensely personal EP that became an unexpected regional success.

Zack assembled a band and the sound quickly evolved into a mix of classic Hard Rock and modern Post-Grunge. The resulting politically-charged EP, A More Perfect Union, was a clear sign that this was not a band who was afraid to challenge the listener both musically and lyrically. During this time they also contributed a cover of the anti-war anthem “Killer of Giants” to the “No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne- 1971 – 2012” compilation. The band supported these releases with headlining tours across the US, and has provided support for acts such as Adrenaline Mob, Vicious Rumors, Ashes of Ares, Theocracy, Seven Witches, Saving Abel, Eve To Adam, Super Bob, XFactor1, Bulletboys, Red Dragon Cartel, Lynch Mob and Broken Teeth.

With growing national success came pressure from the industry to conform to a narrow view of what a mainstream Hard Rock band should be. Rather than limit themselves to those stifling constraints, however, the band became more creatively ambitious than ever. Accomplished bassist Richard Wilson joined the band in 2013, followed by the addition of veteran drummer Dan Dalton, and the band hit the studio. The result is Noble Lies & Pious Frauds, a ground-breaking full-length album set for release in the Fall of 2014. Thematically, the album serves as commentary on how corporations, religious and political institutions and even the people we love can manipulate how we think and act. Musically, the band incorporates everything from thrashing Prog-Metal to radio-friendly power ballads, bringing disparate genres together to create a cohesive whole. With crowd-pleasing hooks and virtuosic musicianship, The Madeleine Haze proudly walks the line between the Mainstream and the Progressive fringe, and trusts their fans to take that journey with them
Press / Quotes about The Madeleine Haze :

"The Madeleine Haze is on the cutting edge of music that matters, not just another pop message with corporate sponsors."
- Jason Bermas (filmmaker/activist)

"You guys sound like Rush, after a case of Red Bull!"
- Mike Portnoy (drummer for Winery Dogs, Twisted Sister, ex Dream Theater)

"There’s topical rock with a message, and then there’s the aggro, in-your-face proselytizing of The Madeleine Haze, which uses dramatic, King’s X-style hard rock imagery to make any number of sociopolitical points."
- Free Times (Columbia, SC)

"Imagine if Kings X , Porcupine Tree and King Crimson has a crazy love child... I saw these guys live for the first time a few weeks ago and became an instant fan."
- Matt DiFabio (Single Bullet Theory / Hard Attack Entertainment)