Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Catching our breath...

2015 has been a busy year so far for The Mad Haze! We released our album "Noble Lies & Pious Frauds" at the end of 2014, and have been busy ever since trying to bring the music to the people, and raise the profile of the band. Since the record was released - we've performed for audiences in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. We also had the opportunity to play with a number of great bands like Red Dragon Cartel, Lynch Mob, Saving Abel, Ashes of Ares, Next to None, and Theocracy.

We will taking a quick breather from playing shows during the month of October to continue writing music for our next release. After that we will be finishing up 2015 with some exciting tour dates before we get off and running into 2016. We have tentative plans to release some new music next year. But when and in what form that happens remains to be seen.

Until then - keep rockin', and we'll see you out there!


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